200+ Quick Tips for Using Blogger Effectively


Quick tips for using Google Blogger effectively 200+ Quick Tips for Using Blogger Effectively

In this post, I’ve gathered over 100 useful tips for using Blogger to a greater extent than effectively, which are organized past times type for your ease of browsing.

    Reasons to weblog amongst Blogger

  1. Blogger is gratuitous to use!
  2. The solely things you lot would ever have got to pay for us a custom domain (around $10 per year) if you lot pick out to utilization one, together with increased storage infinite for your images (though most bloggers are unlikely to exceed)
  3. Blogger is a groovy platform for beginners equally it’s therefore like shooting fish in a barrel to use.
  4. Blogger is also adaptive; equally you lot travel to a greater extent than experienced you lot tin bathroom larn how to adapt templates together with posts to your advantage.
  5. With Blogger, you lot practise goodness from gratuitous secure hosting, no thing how many posts you lot write, or the number of daily visitors.
  6. You tin bathroom create equally many blogs equally you lot take to for free.
  7. Everything you lot take to weblog is accessible from your dashboard (including all blogs, together with your template code)
  8. Your Blog*Spot URL is yours to travel along forever
  9. But if you lot practise create upwardly one’s hear to delete your blog, the URL volition travel reserved for you. This ensures spammers can’t have got over the domain together with practise goodness from your efforts.
  10. If you lot brand your weblog public, your posts volition travel indexed easily past times Google.
  11. Or you lot tin bathroom brand your weblog private together with pick out those who tin bathroom read your posts
  12. Basic weblog settings

    Most of these options tin bathroom travel changed inwards the “Basic” settings department of your blog.

  13. Choose a unique elevate for your blog
  14. Try to brand your weblog elevate reverberate the theme of your content
  15. Or instead, you lot could pick out something witty together with memorable
  16. Make for certain your weblog description accurately describes the theme of your blog, equally this volition travel indexed past times search engines
  17. Add your weblog to Google’s listings if you lot desire it to travel indexed easily
  18. You should also laid the alternative to allow search engines uncovering your blog!
  19. If you lot specify your weblog has adult content, readers volition human face upwardly a alert page earlier they are allowed to read. Only pick out this if you lot practise write a weblog for adults only!
  20. If you lot write inwards Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu, you lot tin bathroom pick out transliteration for your weblog posts to travel correctly displayed.
  21. Domains

    You tin bathroom modify the different domain settings for your weblog inwards the Settings>Publishing surface area of your blog’s dashboard.

  22. Try to brand your domain elevate tally your blog’s title.
  23. Be for certain to have got groovy tending when choosing a weblog name. You tin bathroom modify this later, but volition lose backlinks together with readers who refer to your previous URL
  24. If you lot utilization a layout template, you tin bathroom let on to a custom domain.
  25. Your custom domain tin bathroom travel purchased forthwith through Blogger!
  26. Using Blogger’s custom domain service is the cheapest way of publishing to your ain elevation degree domain (TLD)
  27. Purchasing your domain through Blogger is the easiest way to prepare your custom domain (take a await at this video to run across why)
  28. To ensure both the www together with non-www URLs for your domain indicate to your actual blog, pick out the alternative to redirect to yourblog.com to www.yourblog.com
  29. When you lot let on to a custom domain, your existing readers together with backlinks volition automatically redirect to your novel URL
  30. If you lot buy a domain privately, you lot volition take to alter your domain’s DNS settings manually.
  31. But since some domain purchases also offering gratuitous hosting, this agency you lot tin bathroom host your ain images together with scripts
  32. To have got consummate command over your weblog content, you lot tin bathroom publish past times FTP (where all of your posts are hosted past times your chosen host provider)
  33. However, to prepare FTP blogging, you lot volition take to buy your ain spider web hosting account, together with tin bathroom solely utilization a Classic (non-widgetized) template.
  34. If you lot switch from FTP hosting to using a custom domain, you lot tin bathroom specify a missing files host to ensure no files or images are lost.
  35. Basic Blog Formatting

    If you lot take to modify options for these settings, refer to the Settings>Formatting surface area of your dashboard.

  36. If your posts are by together with large long, pick out solely to display a handful on your blog’s principal page.
  37. But if your posts are quite short, you lot could post many to a greater extent than without affecting page charge time.
  38. For your engagement headings, travel aware that readers empathise 24-hour interval together with calendar month names to a greater extent than easily than solely numbered dates
  39. If you lot prefer, you lot tin bathroom pick out the timestamp to tally your local time
  40. Alternatively, you lot could pick out the timestamp which matches the fourth dimension zone of your biggest blogging audience.
  41. Either way is goodness though: readers don;t by together with large pay attending to the fourth dimension a post was published: content matters far more!
  42. If you lot run across no describe breaks when your posts are published, pick out “no” for the “enable float alignment” option
  43. If you lot utilization the same code or content for most of your posts (such equally Adsense inwards the torso of a post) you lot tin bathroom add together this to your post template.
  44. You could also utilization this alternative to add a different vogue of background to each of your posts.

    Here are some tips to brand your comments to a greater extent than reader-friendly. Settings for your comments tin bathroom travel changed inwards the Settings>Comments department of your dashboard.

  46. If you lot would similar to add together conversation to your blog, pick out to enable comments
  47. If at that spot are for certain posts for which you lot don’t to display comments, you lot tin bathroom modify this setting on the editing page for each post.
  48. Non-blogger users tin bathroom experience confused of they must log inwards earlier leaving a comment!
  49. To forestall whatsoever reader feeling excluded from your blog’s conversation, pick out to allow “Anyone” to comment.
  50. Blogger is first-class at preventing comment spam…
  51. But if you lot practise have whatsoever spam/malicious comments, you lot tin bathroom rapidly delete them from the comments department of your blog…
  52. …Or pick out to moderate your comments, to have got consummate command of what is published on your blog!
  53. Choose to demo comments inwards a pop-up window to ensure readers tin bathroom easily acquire dorsum to your post.
  54. You may also add together a message to the comment cast to specify whatsoever rules for leaving comments (or but to greet those who create conversation from your posts).
  55. Help readers empathise that you lot have got replied to comments past times customizing author comment styles.
  56. Enable profile images for comments to add together a sense of community to the comments page.
  57. But the solely way to display avatars on comments beneath your posts is to use the MyBlogLog comment avatars hack!
  58. Word verification is a goodness way to forestall automated comment spam (AKA: spam-bots)…
  59. …Though I’d advise against using this AND moderating your comments. Readers tin bathroom travel rapidly frustrated amongst such a restrictive system!
  60. If you lot don’t moderate together with notice an undesirable comment has been posted, you lot tin bathroom rapidly delete this straight from the comments department of your post page, or on the comments pop-up page.
  61. Enter your electronic mail address to have comment notifications (which helps travel along runway of who is commenting, together with on what)
  62. Readers who comment piece logged inwards to their Google occupation organization human relationship tin bathroom pick out to have electronic mail notifications when a reply is posted to their comment.
  63. Those who log inwards using Name/URL when commenting tin bathroom practise goodness from a link to their weblog (which makes it easier to travel along runway of comments, together with follow the conversation)
  64. But inwards default Blogger templates, the link to the author’s weblog is wrapped inwards “no-follow” tags together with has no existent link value…
  65. …So you lot may desire to consider removing the “no-follow” tags. This rewards commenters past times offering a backlink which Google volition recognize together with helps attract to a greater extent than people to exit comments on your posts.
  66. Responding to the comments made past times your weblog readers is a goodness way of developing a sense of conversation through your blog.
  67. Readers are to a greater extent than probable to exit comments if they notice the weblog author responds, together with may fifty-fifty travel to a greater extent than frequent visitors.
  68. Backlinks

  69. Enabling backlinks provides links (and snippets) of links to your posts from other blogs.
  70. The backlinks displayed are generated from Google’s weblog search, therefore don’t worry if links to your posts don;t forthwith display (these blogs take to travel indexed over again earlier the backlinks are registered)
  71. Backlinks tin bathroom travel hidden if you lot prefer.
  72. You tin bathroom also delete for certain backlinks if you lot consider the rootage to travel spammy or inappropriate.
  73. Technorati users tin bathroom add together a “Links to this post” widget (with a to a greater extent than accurate backlink count than Google’s Blog Search) past times pasting a describe of code into their templates.
  74. Trackbacks are different from backlinks because they are generated through blogging software rather than natural links.
  75. Blogger doesn’t back upwardly trackbacks (but inwards my opinion, backlinks serve a amend purpose).
  76. If you lot practise desire to brand utilization of trackback functionality amongst Blogger, you lot should cheque out Haloscan
  77. Or if you lot but desire to shipping a trackback to the blogs you lot reference inwards your posts, consider using the WizbangTech Trackback Pinger instead.
  78. Effective Archiving Techniques

  79. Enabling post pages is a must for whatsoever Blogger user: this gives each private a page of it’s own, equally good equally beingness featured on the principal pages together with archive pages (more nutrient for the search engine spiders to devour!)
  80. If you lot computer program to weblog for the long term, it’s amend to pick out monthly archives (as this is makes it easier for readers to navigate through the history of your posts)
  81. The easiest way to add together links to your archive pages is to add together an archives widget to your weblog layout.
  82. Each “archive frequency” creates a unique page inwards your blog’s archives, inwards add-on to the principal together with post pages of your blog.
  83. If you lot modify the archive frequency inwards the Settings>Archiving department of your dashboard, the URL of these archive pages volition modify too.
  84. These days, many blogs characteristic a unique page for their archived posts. Blogger doesn’t render us amongst the code to attain this automatically, but it is possible to create an archives page past times hand.
  85. Blog Feeds

    You tin bathroom modify the basic settings for your weblog feed inwards the Settings>Site Feed department of your Blogger dashboard.

  86. All Blogger blogs have got the mightiness to generate a feed. This enables you lot to syndicate your content, making your posts to a greater extent than accessible together with to a greater extent than probable to travel read.
  87. Blogger blogs create feeds inwards Atom format. This is rattling similar to RSS, together with tin bathroom travel promoted inwards the same way.
  88. Enabling “full” feeds presents your entire posts to feed subscribers.
  89. Short feeds render solely a snippet of your posts, encouraging readers to see your weblog for the entire post.
  90. The alternative of total or brusque feeds is a personal one…
  91. …However, many weblog authors promote “full” weblog feeds equally this may encourage to a greater extent than readers to subscribe.
  92. Display a link to your weblog feed inwards a prominent house inwards your template. This volition encourage readers to subscribe.
  93. If you lot log inwards to Blogger inwards Draft, you lot tin bathroom add together a “Subscription Links” widget. This provides badges for readers to add together your weblog feed to their favorite feed readers amongst ease.
  94. Feedburner is the most pop together with useful gratuitous service for syndicating your weblog feeds. If you lot don’t already have got a Feedburner account, I would advise you lot to create i right away.
  95. Once you lot have got “burned” your starting fourth dimension weblog feed, you lot are able to redirect your weblog feed through Feedburner. This ensures all your readers have the same feed, together with adds much to a greater extent than functionality to your feed.
  96. When you lot redirect your feed through Feedburner, you lot tin bathroom also monitor the truthful number of subscribers to your blog.
  97. Using Feedburner allows you lot to set upwardly electronic mail subscriptions for readers who don’t utilization (or prefer non to use) a feed reader.
  98. FeedFlare allows you lot to add together links beneath each item inwards your Feedburner feeds. Flares available include social bookmarking links, number of comments for your Blogger posts, together with fifty-fifty a copyright notice!
  99. You may also similar to utilization my “Author together with Permalink” FeedFlare, which helps discourage scrapers from stealing your weblog content.
  100. Many other services tin bathroom utilization your weblog feed to monitor growth together with article success.
  101. Blog Perfume’s Feed Analysis offers an overview of feed statistics over time, together with tin bathroom fifty-fifty advise how much you lot should travel charging for monthly ads!
  102. analysis of your most pop weblog posts.
  103. Group Blogs

  104. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel to add together novel authors together with start a “group blog” amongst Blogger. Simply invite novel writers past times sending an electronic mail from the Settings>Permissions page inwards your blog’s dashboard.
  105. Once a novel author has confirmed their status, you lot volition also have got the alternative of offering administrative privileges.
  106. The names of all weblog authors are displayed beside the listing of blogs inwards your profile page.
  107. If you lot prefer to utilization different post styles for each weblog author, you lot tin bathroom practise this past times adding “class” properties to your blog’s vogue department (this page has the total details)
  108. Blog Posts

  109. Using the “Compose” fashion is the easiest way to write a weblog post. The compose fashion is a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). This enables you lot to drag together with drib images (and other media) where you lot would similar them to appear.
  110. Writing posts inwards Edit HTML fashion allows you lot much to a greater extent than command of the code of your posts.
  111. If you lot take to add together HTML or JavaScript code to your posts, utilization the Edit HTML fashion together with don’t switch dorsum to compose fashion until your post has been published! Otherwise, your code volition travel malformed together with non display correctly inwards your published post.
  112. You tin bathroom upload images to your weblog posts using either the compose or Edit HTML mode. These images volition travel stored inwards your gratuitous Picasa account, together with you lot tin bathroom access them whatsoever time.
  113. You tin bathroom also utilization images which are hosted elsewhere past times linking to the ikon URL. However, you lot should solely utilization spider web images when you lot amongst copyright permission from the image’s author.
  114. You tin bathroom upload videos from your estimator to travel displayed inwards your weblog posts. These videos volition travel hosted past times Google Video.
  115. You tin bathroom also display videos from YouTube past times adding the video code to your post when editing inwards Edit HTML mode.
  116. Use color, headings, lists together with other stylistic elements to brand your posts to a greater extent than interesting.
  117. You may also desire to consider advanced post styling methods to add together fifty-fifty to a greater extent than interesting features to your articles.
  118. Add “Labels” to your posts which categorize them past times subject. Then you lot tin bathroom add together a labels widget to your layout which helps readers uncovering the posts which involvement them the most.
  119. Try non to utilization likewise many different labels though: a groovy long listing tin bathroom travel unattractive together with confusing for your readers.
  120. Posts tin bathroom at nowadays travel scheduled to travel published at a after engagement together with time. Using this business office agency you lot don’t have got to travel online at the fourth dimension you lot desire your posts to appear on your blog.
  121. Research shows that weekdays are the best fourth dimension to post of you lot desire your posts to travel successfully received.
  122. You tin bathroom edit your posts easily from the “Edit Posts” tab inwards your dashboard, or past times using the pencil icon when viewing your weblog piece logged inwards to your Google account.
  123. You tin bathroom add, take together with edit labels inwards mass through the Edit Posts page. Simply cheque the boxes side past times side to the posts you lot desire to edit, together with pick out the business office for the label you lot wishing to edit.
  124. If you lot modify the championship of a weblog post after it is published, the URL of the post volition rest the same.
  125. If you lot modify the published engagement of a post i time it is published, the URL of this post volition modify too.
  126. When away from your computer, you lot tin bathroom post to your weblog from your mobile phone
  127. Or past times email
  128. And fifty-fifty past times using your Flickr account!
  129. Scribefire, Zemanta together with Windows LiveWriter are also useful tools which tin bathroom add together interactivity to your posts.
  130. Your Blogger Template

  131. Blogger offers ii options for your template: XML based Layouts (which are widgetized) together with Classic templates (HTML based, without drag together with drib without drag together with drib widgets).
  132. The default template type is the Layouts style. If you lot have got lately begun using Blogger, chances ate you’ll travel using this widgetized style.
  133. You tin bathroom switch betwixt Layouts together with Classic templates easily through the Layout or Template tab of your blog’s dashboard.
  134. Both styles of template offering consummate access to the HTML code used to generate your weblog display. This allows you lot to edit your template whenever you lot like, or fifty-fifty upload a completely novel one!
  135. If you lot are using a Layout template…

  136. You tin bathroom add together widgets to your weblog through the Layout>Page Elements department of your blog’s dashboard (and at that spot are many useful widgets to pick out from).
  137. Widgets tin bathroom travel moved to different places of your template using drag together with drib functionality.
  138. To add together unofficial widget functionality, add together the code provided into an HTML/JavaScript widget inwards your layout.
  139. You tin bathroom also uncovering many upload this equally a consummate file through the Layout>Edit HTML page of your dashboard.
  140. To utilization a template offered inwards Text format, you lot should re-create the code together with glue inwards house of the HTML code (learn to a greater extent than well-nigh this).
  141. If you lot have an error when uploading an XML file, this may travel because you lot have got likewise many existing widgets inwards your layout (which Blogger has problem deleting).
  142. The message “Your template could non travel parsed equally it is non good formed” message ordinarily appears if you lot are trying to glue the contents of an XML file. Only text based files tin bathroom travel pasted to your template. If you lot run across many dashes to the left of the lines inwards the template code, this agency you lot are looking at an XML based file which should travel uploaded instead.
  143. It is possible to transfer widgets from i template to another. It’s fourth dimension consuming but worthwhile!
  144. Classic templates cannot travel uploaded to a weblog using the Layout format. If your novel weblog template includes lines similar <$BlogTitle$> together with <$BlogDescription$>, this was intended for utilization inwards a Classic template instead.
  145. If you lot are using a Classic Blogger template…

  146. You tin bathroom modify the vogue of your template past times editing the template code directly.
  147. New templates may travel uploaded easily past times copying together with pasting the template code.
  148. You tin bathroom dorsum upwardly your template past times copying the HTML code together with saving equally a text file on your computer.
  149. You tin bathroom add together JavaScripts together with other interactivity past times pasting the code straight into your template, where you lot would similar it to appear.
  150. If valid HTML is of import to you, utilization a Classic template together with code your template well. Layouts templates are rattling hard to validate because of the construction of CSS together with widgets!
  151. Layouts templates cannot travel used if you lot let on using the classic template format. If your template code you lot have got downloaded contains phrases similar <b:widget…> or <data:post.body>, this agency you lot have got downloaded a Layouts template which cannot travel uploaded equally valid template code.
  152. For both types of Blogger template…

  153. There are hundreds of gratuitous templates which you lot could use.
  154. Try to utilization a template theme which reflects the principal content of your blog.
  155. Choose to utilization a template which makes you lot happy…
  156. … Or learn how to customize your ain template instead….
  157. Because default Blogger designs are non equally memorable equally those which have got a to a greater extent than personalized style: a unique template is to a greater extent than easily converted to retention than a deadening one!
  158. Find inspiration for your ain designs past times looking at showcases of other blogs.
  159. Be for certain to dorsum upwardly your template earlier making whatsoever changes (including uploading a novel design). This ensures you lot tin bathroom restore it later, should you lot brand an accidental error 🙂
  160. Using likewise many images or external scripts inwards your template tin bathroom drive it to charge slowly.
  161. Make for certain that all the of import elements of your pattern are easily visible, including whatsoever of import links to pages inwards your blog.
  162. Learn how to add together a customized favicon to your weblog template.
  163. Consider adding impress functionality to your posts.
  164. If you lot desire readers to bookmark your posts inwards social media sites, consider adding automatic bookmarking links to your template.
  165. Highlight your most pop posts inwards a visible location which gives readers the chance for farther reading together with exploration of your archives.
  166. You tin bathroom larn how to shroud the Blogger Nav-Bar if this doesn’t appeal to your blog’s design.
  167. (And inwards representative you lot were wondering, this doesn’t violate Blogger’s damage of service!)
  168. Your Blogger Profile

    You tin bathroom view together with edit your Blogger profile from the principal dashboard when you lot are logged inwards to your Blogger account.

  169. Create a valid together with interesting profile if you lot desire it to travel seen past times other bloggers.
  170. However, you lot tin bathroom pick out to shroud your profile if you lot prefer to travel anonymous!
  171. You are able to pick out which blogs are displayed on your profile page. So if you lot utilization a weblog for testing or operate a private blog, travel for certain to shroud this inwards your profile settings.
  172. If you lot exit a comment on a Blogger weblog using your Blogger profile, this volition generate a link to your profile page.
  173. Some blogs characteristic profile images on the comments page, therefore travel for certain to add together an ikon or avatar to your profile.
  174. The author elevate displayed beneath weblog posts tin bathroom travel changed from your profile page.
  175. You tin bathroom pick out to add together your electronic mail address on your contact page if you lot would similar readers to have got agency of contacting you.
  176. You could also add together a Froogle Wishlist hither which tin bathroom travel accessed past times anyone viewing your profile.
  177. Other useful features of Blogger

  178. Use Blogger inwards Draft to attempt out novel features earlier their full general release.
  179. Subscribe to the Blogger inwards Draft blog to have tidings of these novel features
  180. Learn well-nigh the latest Blogger developments past times reading Blogger Buzz
  181. Become aware of Blogger’s status together with scheduled outages
  182. Advanced users tin bathroom learn how to develop software together with applications for Blogger
  183. You may also similar to larn how to create your ain widgets for others to utilization inwards their blogs.
  184. Watch video tutorials to assistance you lot prepare your blog.
  185. Find groovy blogs to read inwards Blogs of Note
  186. Tell Blogger which features you lot would similar to use.
  187. Manage your ikon uploads through Picasa
  188. Read official articles well-nigh managing together with using your Blogger account
  189. Discuss Blogger inwards the official Blogger Help Group
  190. Terms of service

    If you’re at all concerned well-nigh Blogger’s damage together with conditions, hither are some tips you lot may uncovering useful.

  191. Read the official damage of service for Blogger
  192. Spam will non travel tolerated.
  193. If you lot utilization your weblog to create spam content, you are probable to have got your occupation organization human relationship disabled until you lot take the offending content. Blogger volition shipping you lot a notice to the electronic mail address you lot registered with, together with also> render a notice inwards your dashboard to inform you lot of what to practise next.
  194. If you lot don’t have got activity against suspected spam content inwards your blog, you lot volition ruin the peril of your occupation organization human relationship beingness deleted.
  195. Learn to a greater extent than well-nigh what to practise if your weblog is suspended due to suspicion of malware, together with travel for certain to have got the steps required to resolve this!
  196. Blogger volition non delete your weblog without warning! Only blogs which violate the damage of service (which includes copyright theft) volition travel deleted, together with solely together with therefore after warnings have got been made.
  197. Adult content is allowed on Blogger, but you lot are advised to specify your weblog equally having adult content past times confirming this through your weblog settings.
  198. Even if you lot pick out non to confirm an adult-content weblog equally such, Blogger may add together a content alert for readers to brand them aware of this (which is solely fair considering anyone tin bathroom read a blog, no thing how immature they are!).
  199. If you lot uncovering a Blogger weblog which contains spam, copyright theft, violates the damage of service or features adult content without warning, you lot tin bathroom report this to the Blogger team who volition have got activity where nescessary.
  200. How to acquire assistance when you lot take it

    As many of you lot volition travel aware, Blogger practise non render an electronic mail back upwardly arrangement per-se. Instead nosotros tin bathroom brand utilization of other services together with methods to resolve whatsoever issues amongst our blogs.

  201. Read well-nigh known issues: Blogger may travel having a internal work which is causing problems for your blog.
  202. Take a await at the Blogger assistance center, where you lot tin bathroom uncovering answers to many questions well-nigh using Blogger together with customizing your template.
  203. Post your inquiry inwards the Blogger Help Group where the experts hang out! At times, at that spot may travel a Blogger staff fellow member lurking roughly too…
  204. If you’ve been receiving BX-codes, attempt looking at the BX-codes blog.
  205. You tin bathroom also report BX-codes here
  206. Do you lot have got login issues or problem accessing your account? Take a await at this page.
  207. Find out what to practise if you lot uncovering a bug or work amongst the Blogger system.
  208. If you lot have got a work using a non-standard template, attempt contacting the author or exit a comment on their blog.
  209. If you lot have got problems using templates together with articles featured hither at , exit a comment on the post’s page or send me an email (I attempt to assistance equally much equally I can, but this may non ever travel prompt!).
  210. You tin bathroom also say me which articles you’d similar me to write past times using the Skribit proposition widget inwards the sidebar.

Do you lot have got whatsoever useful tips you lot would similar to add together to this list? If so, delight percentage your insights past times leaving a comment below. There are already over 200 quick tips inwards this list, but amongst your assistance nosotros could brand this listing fifty-fifty bigger!

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