Brochure Design Tutorials In Coreldraw X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

When I post this tutorial, if you know this is a week night .. ### so what? yes ngak see why it’s only just start to tell,: P. now I am still in Jakarta. # Ngak important . Ah never mind.

 For the kepingan of this tutorial I will make sebuh brochure ,  pamphlet , or something kalain call it, if you ask me all the same, leaving just the size adjustment only. and at its core is the design.

 On previous occasions I have already made  

20 Minutes MAKE COOL BROCHURE Activity With CorelDraw , 

but I think for the tutorial is less than the maximum and less attractive ,. but somehow could appear on the first page of Google. when you search by keyword  how to create a brochure with CorelDraw
Well from the efaluasi I again made a tutorial on the same theme that makes Brochure or Pampflet with Corel Draw. and as an end result of this tutorial is as follows.
Brochure Design Tutorials in corelDRAW X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

How this makes .. Let ya in read and read while on trial.



Tutorial: How to Make BROCHURE-flyers in CorelDraw Time: 18 minutes Software: Corel Draw x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x3


1. Open Corel Draw your pet, here I am using Corel x7, so if you use other versions, there may be differences in some position tool that I use.

2. Now create a new worksheet by pressing CTRL + N or click on the picture below.

3. Further create a rectangle with Poteret position with  the Rectangle tool (M). 
     here I use A4 size “

4. Further steps to 4, using the Pen tool we bua two fields such as image a and b in the following figure.
Brochure Design Tutorials in corelDRAW X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

5. at this stage we will make the field again with the Pen tool kemudaian me give color # 424A53 with CMYK format. as you can lighat her picture c below.
6. If we see the result of this tutorial akhrit in section c has a little black bayang2, if we dismantle will have the following picture sekema

7. Now let us create for field d. I still use the pen tool making field d. then I give a color by using the Interactive fill (G).  kemudan section on my menubar enable Fountain Fill. Further we change color as the No. 3 in the picture below
8. The eighth step is to enter the picture in the field b , here I am using the Power Clip . you can read another tutorial about Power clip here. 
  • First I enter the picture as a medium.
  • I enable images and msauk to Object> Power Clip> Place Inside Frame
  • will appear a big black arrow
  • I point to the fields b
  • and photographs will go on Bisang b
  • the results you can see in the picture this barikut.
Brochure Design Tutorials in corelDRAW X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

9.   still use pen tool I created as GABAR field below and then I add the text in it by using the Text tool (f8)

10. The tenth stage of nearly forgot, we add the triangle e in the back of the field c to look folded back. 
Well we already have the first part. ..

For her part to 2 I will make a tutorial if artike breaks 20 Like

  • For your own logo depend Logo
  • for icon2 can unduh here if you do not have time to make it yourself

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18 Minutes How to Make BROCHURE-FLYER in CorelDraw