Complain email or Websites inwards Pakistan


What is Cyber Crime | Cyber Crime inwards Pakistan

Cyber offense is a calculator crime done past times or so criminal who endeavor to hack your electronic mail or website, so keeping the same inwards persuasion Islamic Republic of Pakistan Government has established a novel fly named equally Cyber Crime Wing which inwards Islamabad but you lot produce non need to worry You tin complain from whatever corner of Islamic Republic of Pakistan through below sources.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 051-9262376
Phone: 051-9260944


I has been a long fourth dimension that I am receiving E-mails from or so electronic mail sending criminals, proverb that “I am missy of a manly somebody bring upward amongst a huge property, which transferred entirely on my name, as well as I accept or so stride brothers too as well as they desire to snatch this belongings from me, so I am wishing to migrate to your Blue Planet amongst all my property, so delight ship me your contact details so that I could ship you lot or so money” 
So these are the e-mails which are received to me in i trial to a greater extent than as well as in i trial to a greater extent than from diverse dissimilar electronic mail addresses non entirely these e-mails but when I give a respond as well as so they exhibit me or so faux passports as well as ID cards equally well. 

If you lot brand a long corresponding with them they volition lastly endeavor to call you lot inwards their Blue Planet to brand a large criminal activeness past times you lot or volition tell you lot to ship their advocate or so coin so that he or she could ship you lot the huge sum inwards your account.

Some delight produce non believe on such things, produce non ship them whatever of your personal data as well as complain such sort of things on inwards a higher house mentioned contacts of Cyber Crime Wing, Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan or nosotros tin country Cyber Crime Complaint Centre.