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Blogger App for Android

Blogger accept released an official Android application, enabling Android users to postal service speedily in addition to easily from their device:

We are excited to denote our showtime version of the Blogger Android App. Using the app yous tin rank notice easily compose a post, attach a photograph that yous simply took amongst your phone, in addition to either relieve it equally a local draft for after or at nowadays release it to your weblog – via Blogger inwards Draft

Android users tin rank notice download the app for gratis from the Android Market.

As yet, I don’t accept an Android-based device to exam it out for myself (I’m working on it!) but the app looks to live on bundle amongst useful features including:

  • Switch betwixt unlike Google accounts in addition to blogs
  • Choose to release at nowadays or relieve equally draft
  • Upload photos straight from your device
  • Share to Blogger from your gallery or browser (an advanced cast of BlogThis inside your Android device!)
  • Share your (automatically configured) location
  • View previously drafted in addition to published posts

Take a hold off at the explanatory postal service over on Blogger Buzz for amount details of all these features.

<h3>Are yous using the Blogger App for Android? Let us know what yous think!</h3>
I would honey to demand heed feedback from anyone using this app, in addition to I’m certain readers would too, in addition to hence delight experience gratis to larn out your comments or reviews close this app below.

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