Google Blogger for Dummies – Full Review


Some fourth dimension ago, I was able to preview Susan Gunelius’ novel book, Google Blogger for Dummies, which is directly available to purchase from your local bookstore. After receiving my ain copy, I’ve spent the past times few weeks reading intently inwards gild to render you lot all amongst my total review of this “Dummies” guide.

Blogger for Dummies?

The “For Dummies” series of reference books published past times Wiley are consummate guides on a make of subjects which acquaint data inwards patently English. “Dummies” books are offered equally consummate guides on the given subject, where the data presented makes the acre of report slow to empathise fifty-fifty for a consummate beginner.

In Google Blogger for Dummies, Susan Gunelius offers a elementary as well as comprehensive approach for agreement as well as making the most of the Google Blogger platform. Chapters make from “Setting upward your blog” correct through to “Making Money With Blogger” as well as “Boosting your Search Engine Ranking”. This ensures that readers larn far to a greater extent than than how to role Blogger to release our blogs: nosotros tin larn how to role Blogger to create an authoritative, income-generating as well as professional person weblog on the niche projection of our choice.

What’s covered inwards the book

Google Blogger for Dummies is split upward into 6 primary parts, amongst each business office containing several chapters which comprehensively item an aspect of blogging amongst Blogger. Furthermore, each chapter is segmented farther into mini-sections (usually no to a greater extent than than a page long) which offers detail, advice as well as data on the aspects of blogging you lot may encounter.

Part I: Introducing Google Blogger

This department offers a consummate overview of Blogger as well as blogging inwards general, which is especially useful for those who are creating a weblog for the starting fourth dimension time.

By roofing inwards brief the aspects of using Blogger which are detailed to a greater extent than fully inwards later on chapters, Susan creates an excitement almost choosing Blogger as well as anticipation of Blogger’s effectiveness equally a powerful blogging tool.

Part II: Using Google Blogger

In this section, nosotros are presented amongst detailed instructions for creating as well as maintaining a Blogger blog, including how to initially create a blog; how to create do archives; comments as well as backlinks; writing weblog posts; enhancing the appearance amongst templates, as well as using gadgets/widgets inwards the layout.

Each chapter is enhanced past times screen-shots as well as useful tips to ensure nosotros tin easily follow the instructions as well as advice given. I especially enjoyed reading Susan’s advice almost choosing which subjects to write about, as well as issues of copyright/fair usage. Such considerations are ofttimes misunderstood (or fifty-fifty overlooked) past times those who are novel to blogging, as well as her goodness advice shines calorie-free on what is otherwise a cloudy issue.

Part III: Making Money amongst Blogger

As pointed out inwards Google Blogger for Dummies, many people pick out to start a weblog inwards gild to earn coin from it. By devoting an entire business office of this mass to the acre of report of making money, Susan understands the needs of many Blogger users (both newly initiated as well as seasoned bloggers) as well as offers data most relevant for those using the Google platform equally their publishing tool.

In this part, nosotros tin larn almost the many dissimilar types of advertising nosotros tin add together to our blogs to generate an income, including text links, paid posts, contextual ads, as well as of course of education Google Adsense.

Part IV: Growing your Audience

This department of the mass offers practical, useful advice for growing the audience of our Blogger blogs which is presented as well as explained inwards a real “down to earth” manner.

Most bloggers are concerned amongst growing their blog’s audience as well as increasing their potency inwards search engine rankings. I’m ofttimes asked almost this aspect of blogging past times readers, but since this is something I’ve learned through a combination of gradual experience as well as “trial as well as error”, it is non something I am expressly confident inwards explaining.

Susan’s explanations are real clear as well as slow to understand. She explains the nature of human relationship edifice for bloggers, how to network amongst other online writers as well as specially how to optimize our blogs for search engine rankings. Advice to aid runway weblog statistics, effective linking as well as keyword analysis are also included which I experience is a boon to novel bloggers who may accept picayune agreement of what these buzzwords mean.

Part V: Extending your Blog

This department offers details for growing as well as downsizing our blogs. By “growing”, Susan refers to adding squad members, writing for other’s squad blogs as well as creating a novel weblog linked to our blogger profiles. “Downsizing” refers to the do of deleting a weblog nosotros no longer wishing to own.

In this section, nosotros tin also uncovering details of blogging amongst dissimilar media (such equally electronic mail posts, video blogging as well as posting via a mobile phone). Custom domains as well as FTP blogging are also discussed for the do goodness of those who prefer to associate their blogs amongst their ain domain name.

Part VI: The Part of Tens

In all “Dummies” guides, the “Part of tens” is used at the halt of the mass to reference cardinal points or resources appropriate for the particular acre of report of the book.

In Google Blogger for Dummies, the Part of Tens includes:

  • Ten useful social networking as well as social bookmarking sites
  • Ten mutual Blogger problems as well as possible solutuins
  • Ten places to uncovering gratis Blogger themes as well as templates

The “Blogger problems” department was the 1 I institute specially useful equally it covers problems which readers accept contacted me almost amongst regularity. These issues are explained inwards detail, along amongst problem-solving solutions as well as ideas for prevention then these issues do non occur again.

Excellent Presentation

One of the reasons I am a fan of Dummies books inwards full general is the overall presentation of these guides which enables readers to locate the data they require amongst ease as well as literally “dip in” at whatsoever phase to uncovering useful tips or references.

The forepart comprehend is bold as well as unmistakably business office of the Dummies serial amongst a bold xanthous background. Key points of the book’s content are presented on both the forepart as well as dorsum covers, along amongst a brief biography of Susan Gunelius – a professional person blogger inwards her ain correct amongst goodness condition inwards marketing as well as branding.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 cardinal aspect of presentation which I uncovering useful inwards whatsoever technical guide is the role of headings as well as points to suspension upward text, as well as appropriate hints relevant to the primary content at cardinal points. In this respect, Google Blogger for Dummies comes upward trumps: the content is real good organised making it slow to follow; icons refer to tips, warnings as well as technical areas of the content, patch highlighted text boxes heighten basic instructional sections amongst advice based on Susan’s professional person experience on a given subject.

The contents department genuinely comes inwards 2 segments: the starting fourth dimension offers a brief overview of the parts as well as chapters, patch the mo is a comprehensive guide to include all major sub-headings (the private topics) which are covered inwards the guide.

Near the halt of the mass is a comprehensive glossary which provides slow referral for cardinal price associated amongst both Blogger as well as blogging inwards general. Finally, a consummate index offers a way of easily locating whatsoever price or subjects amongst which nosotros demand particular guidance.

Unfortunately the screen-shots inwards Google Blogger for Dummies are inwards dark as well as white, rather than total colour. Having read other Dummies guides before, I had non expected coloring images; however, coloring inwards some sections (such equally when discussing templates as well as layouts) would accept been to a greater extent than beneficial for readers of this guide to offering a to a greater extent than consummate analysis of the sections existence discussed.

So is it a consummate guide to Blogger?

Almost, but non quite. The make of subjects discussed is real comprehensive inwards Google Blogger for Dummies as well as Susan Gunelius’ expertise inwards blogging offers a highly comprehensive guide for edifice as well as maintaining a successful blog. However, at that spot are a few modest areas which I experience could live on farther enhanced, specially equally many readers of this guide volition accept picayune or no experience using the Blogger platform.

For example, inwards Chapter xvi when explaining how to purchase a domain from a 3rd party, to a greater extent than data regarding changing the DNS settings would accept been much appreciated. This aspect of using Blogger is ofttimes hard to navigate, as well as patch I empathise that the procedure does differ betwixt domain providers, an overview explaining cardinal price or a link to Blogger’s aid pages on this acre of report would elevator the fog as well as enable novel bloggers to create do this of import aspect of Blogger much to a greater extent than easily.

I’m also concerned that the acre of report of editing the Blogger template is virtually skimmed over inwards this guide. Although the Layout>Edit HTML tab is briefly mentioned equally a card item as well as is referred to inwards the procedure of uploading 3rd political party templates, no explanation of how to manually edit the Blogger template is given. This may live on a personal opinion, since editing templates is a cardinal aspect of my experience amongst using Blogger; however, I’m sure that many readers of this mass would accept appreciated at to the lowest degree some advice, if entirely an overview of how Blogger template files are coded combined amongst HTML/CSS resources where to a greater extent than could live on gleaned on this complicated subject.

In summary…

After having read most of the books available almost the Google Blogger platform, I tin honestly attest that Google Blogger for Dummies is the best as well as most comprehensive guide available. Rather than precisely explicate how to role Blogger, this mass offers a consummate guide to edifice a successful weblog amongst Blogger, an interesting as well as wholly useful criterion which few other books almost blogging platforms accept adopted.

I do surely recommend Google Blogger for Dummies, specially for those who are novel to blogging or who accept lately decided to role Blogger equally their publishing platform. While sure advanced aspects of working amongst Blogger could live on enhanced, the basics are all included, enabling fifty-fifty a consummate novice to build, create do as well as keep their weblog using this slow to follow guide.

Google Blogger for Dummies is currently available from Amazon, Barnes as well as Noble as well as other online bookstores for around $16.49.