Hide Blogger Widgets Using Simple CSS Trick


CSS is amazing! While playing amongst codes I got this uncomplicated merely really effective trick. Sometimes your postal service expanse (content wrapper) meridian too sidebar wrapper meridian don’t agree i.e. if yous write small-scale postal service too thence the sidebar department goes really downward (because of widgets) equally compared to content wrapper too and thence it looks ugly. That’s why to bargain amongst such uncomplicated merely negative impacting work I convey discovered this trick, Currently I am using this fox on to a greater extent than or less static pages too on postal service pages also. If yous desire to scout this fox alive on a static page too thence see our post.

Watch these 2 images (click on whatever ikon to enlarge)

Before Applying Trick After Applying Trick

Hope directly yous convey got thought nigh this fox too how it is useful.

Watch This Trick Live In Action

On Post Page On Static Page

How To Use This Trick?

  1. In social club to enshroud whatever widget yous must know its widget ID first, to honor widget ID of whatever blogger widget click here and banknote downward them inwards Notepad.
  2. I am going farther assuming that yous convey got Widget IDs of widgets which yous desire to hide
  3. Now variety out Posts or Static Pages on which yous desire to enshroud widgets
  4. Open that Post/Page inwards Blogger Post Editor too motion to HTML section
  5. Lets nation that yous desire to enshroud widgets having below Widget ID

thence that your CSS code to enshroud these widgets volition be

<style>     div#HTML2,     div#HTML4,     div#HTML6,     div#HTML12 {         display: none;     } </style>

Put your CSS code inwards HTML Section of Post Editor too preview your post, those widgets volition no longer appear on cover 🙂

That’s it.
Hope yous guys volition similar this fox too don’t forgot to percentage it if yous honor it useful 🙂

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