How create I honor a weblog on Blogspot?


Many blogging services as well as social networks permit visitors to search for sites as well as users hosted on their service past times keywords or tags.

For example, those visiting Tumblr tin search for posts tagged “Blogspot”, or view to search for posts tagged alongside Google.

Unfortunately, at that spot is no built-in characteristic to honour posts or blogs which are hosted on Blogger. So inwards this post I’ll explicate methods you lot tin role to connect alongside like-minded people as well as honour interesting blogs to read on Blogspot.

Using Google Custom Search to honour sites on Blogger

In my opinion, the close effective means to search for a weblog on Blogspot is to search the * subdomain on Google.

For example, if I wanted to search for a recipe site on Blogspot, I could come inwards the next into the Google search bar:


Which volition convey upwards a page similar this:

Searching for recipes on Blogspot

Another means of achieving the same affair is to role the “Advanced” search characteristic of Google as well as specify “” inwards the domain cite section.

The downside of this method is that it excludes those using a custom domain for their Blogger-based site. 

Search for blogs through Blogger profiles

Another means of finding interesting blogs on Blogger is to search Blogger profiles for your keywords.

This tin hold upwards achieved using an Advanced Search on Google past times searching the domain “” (instead of “”) which volition convey upwards results similar this:

Alternatively, if you lot are withal using a Blogger profile you lot tin click on the linked involvement keywords inwards your profile page to honour the profile pages of other like-minded Blogger users every bit explained inwards this fantabulous post past times Blogger Sentral.

However, Blogger profiles are gradually beingness phased out as well as replaced alongside Google+ profile pages. As to a greater extent than Blogger users update their profiles to the novel Google+ option, it volition larn increasingly hard to honour blogs on Blogspot inwards this way.

Using the Blogger Navbar

By default, many Blogger blogs characteristic a “navbar” at the transcend of each page. Contained inwards this navbar is a link to “Next Blog” which you lot tin click to honour a randomly selected Blogger site to view next:

While this may hold upwards useful inwards finding randomly selected sites (and includes those who weblog on custom domains), it cannot hold upwards used to honour blogs of item involvement to us.

Furthermore, many bloggers lead to hide the navbar, as well as hence when stumbling across a site inwards which the navbar is hidden you lot won’t hold upwards able to navigate to the side past times side random selection.

Over to you!

Do you lot accept whatever tactics for finding blogs on Blogspot which I haven’t covered inwards this article? Did you lot honour this post useful?

Please experience complimentary to move out your thoughts as well as comments below.

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