How to practise a contact assort for Blogger using Kontactr


Contact forms enable visitors to our sites to ship us emails without having to let on our e-mail address to potential spammers.

I’ve been using Kontactr to embed a contact cast inwards this site for years now, in addition to withal believe it is the almost ideal solution for those using the Blogger platform. However, it seems my previous tutorial is at i respite of date!

Recently, Kontactr added CAPTCHA functionality to their forms which makes fifty-fifty to a greater extent than hard for spammers to abuse the facility. We tin too at i time customize the appearance of the cast to fit the blueprint of our sites.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial to assistance Blogger users embed a functional, customizable contact cast for their weblog using Kontactr.

Create your gratuitous Kontactr account

Go to Kontactr in addition to click the “Sign Up Now” push to create your gratuitous account:

You volition remove to type your name, select a username, type your e-mail address in addition to select a password.

When choosing a username, acquit inwards remove heed that a hosted version of your contact cast volition hold upward made available inwards the format

Once you’ve signed upward you’ll remove to validate your e-mail address earlier you lot tin laid about using your account. Then only sign inwards using your username in addition to password.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 contact cast is created for your delineate of piece of job organisation human relationship every bit shortly every bit you lot register to usage Kontactr’s gratuitous service. Only i contact cast tin hold upward generated for each e-mail account, thus if you lot remove to usage to a greater extent than than i for whatever reason, you lot volition remove to sign upward i time again using a dissimilar username in addition to e-mail address.

Grab the code to embed your contact form

Once you’ve logged into Kontactr, the embed code you’ll remove for your contact cast volition hold upward available right away!

Highlight all of the code inwards the “Ajax Widget” box in addition to re-create this to your clipboard. We tin add together this code to a static page to generate our contact form.

Create your Contact Page

In your Blogger dashboard, create (or edit) a “contact” page inwards which you lot would similar to embed your contact form.

Add an introductory paragraph or whatever other content you lot like, in addition to then switch to “Edit HTML” manner earlier pasting your Kontactr code.

You tin preview your page if you lot similar in addition to the contact cast volition exhibit upward inwards the surface area where you lot pasted the Kontactr code.

On slower connections, it may possess got a few seconds for the contact cast to exhibit up. This is because your contact cast is rendered inwards an iframe (rather than inside the page content), in addition to too because CAPTCHAs are inwards house to deter spammers.

Here’s a screenshot of a Kontactr cast inwards usage inwards the contact page:

Once you’re happy alongside your page, only salve in addition to savour your novel contact form!

Customizing your Kontactr form

By default, the Kontactr cast uses a white background in addition to dark text, which may non hold upward compatible alongside your Blogger template.

Luckily, inside the Kontactr dashboard at that topographic point is a link to customize the Ajax widget used to homecoming your form. On this page you lot tin modify the colours used for your contact cast to amend fit the appearance of your blog:

If you lot modify the appearance of your contact form, you lot volition remove to glue the custom code works life on this page instead of the default code to homecoming the cast correctly inwards your site.

What happens when a visitor uses the contact form?

The details used to submit the contact cast volition hold upward emailed to the address you lot used when signing upward to usage Kontactr. It volition appear every bit though the e-mail originated from the sender thus you’ll easily hold upward able to respond to their message.

Form submissions are non stored past times Kontactr, thus hold upward certain to proceed whatever of import submissions sent via your form!

Final thoughts

So far every bit I’m aware, at that topographic point are no limits on the release of submissions which tin hold upward made using Kontactr forms. The service is completely free, in addition to has proved to hold upward reliable.

Other contact cast services I possess got looked at boundary the release of submissions each month, which poses problems for those who require anything to a greater extent than than exactly about 100 cast submissions each month. 

I promise this tutorial has helped you lot create our ain gratuitous contact cast alongside Kontactr to embed inwards your Blogger site. Please experience gratuitous to larn out your thoughts in addition to comments below.