LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC Announced In PH!

LG Electronics has a novel solution for the summertime estrus inward the PH, the Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC, designed to crank the cooling as well as convey the terms down!

LG Electronics has a novel solution for the summertime estrus inward the PH LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC Announced In PH!
The latest generation RAC from LG is here!

The LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC is the latest unloose energy solutions business of residential air conditioners amongst powerful cooling, comfort, convenience, as well as swell unloose energy efficiency. It comes inward a multifariousness of models for the dissimilar needs of consumers which includes Dual Cool Standard, Dual Cool Standard (Mosquito) as well as Dual Cool Deluxe.

The applied scientific discipline behind Dual Cool RAC

Tech-wise, the Dual Cool RAC is equipped amongst a Smart Inverter Compressor as well as a Dual Inverter Compressor which reduces unloose energy consumption yesteryear upward to lxx percent. The Dual Inverter Compressor motor has a broad rotational frequency as well as a higher speed cooling arrive at than a conventional compressor to allow the RAC to cool faster, final longer as well as run amongst less noise. The unit of measurement too has a 25 per centum larger skew fan which expels powerful blasts of air through its large outlet, optimally designed to fill upward spaces amongst cool air faster as well as farther.

Optimal comfort as well as wellness care

It too has a “Comfort Air” remote push which user as well as crusade abrupt drops inward trunk temperature. Disturbance is too non an number equally the RAC operates at the world’s lowest dissonance grade thank you lot to LG’s unique BLDC motor, skew fan applied scientific discipline as well as Active Low Vibration Control (ALVC) feature. It too maintains an incredible capacity for dehumidification to furnish the close comfortable environment.

The Dual Cool RAC offers top-quality features inward favor of the user’s wellness as well as sanitation for your health

  • Plasmaster Ionizer Plus, which disseminates over 3 1000000 ions to sterilize as well as deodorize non alone the air going through the RAC, but all surrounding harmful substances;
  • LG’s trademark Mosquito Away, which repels upward on 82.7 per centum of mosquitoes through an ultrasonic audio which tin live activated fifty-fifty when the RAC is non running;
  • Micro Dust Filter, a high-airflow, low-noise filter which employs a rigid electrostatic accuse on its surface to attract, trap as well as eliminate harmful microscopic substances as well as deliver fresh, construct clean air; and
  • Auto Cleaning, a comprehensive cleaning business office which prevents the formation of bacteria as well as mold on the estrus exchanger. By eliminating the humidity as well as germs left inward the RAC, the auto cleaning business office removes all substances that powerfulness live harmful to human body, keeps the indoor surroundings odor-less as well as maintains the cooling surgery as well as longevity of the RAC fifty-fifty afterward 10 years of usage.

“With the launch of our highly developed Dual Cool RAC inward the country, which caters to our consumers’ unloose energy saving, cooling, comfort, wellness as well as convenience needs, nosotros desire to non alone assist repose the upcoming summertime estrus for Filipinos, but too continue their homes cool as well as comfortable all yr around,” LG Philippines Air Conditioning as well as Energy Solutions VP Steve Kim said.

The LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC is too slow to install, comes inward uncomplicated packaging, installation plate improvement, installation back upward clip, wider tubing space, detachable bottom embrace as well as a quick push for running tests.

Pricing of LG Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC

Standard Inverter: HS18IST – 45,495 / HS24IST – 52,495
Premium Inverter: HS18ISP – 51,995 / HS24ISP – 59,995

The RACs are right away available inward province w/ 10 yr LG warranty. For to a greater extent than info, visit For to a greater extent than details, catch www.lg.com/ph now!

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