Pay of teachers, nurses to double nether SSL 2015

Public schoolhouse teachers together with nurses volition live on paid twice to a greater extent than compared to their someone counterparts nether the proposed Salary Standardization Law of 2015 (SSL 2015), according to the Department of Budget together with Management (DBM).

“Our report revealed that if nosotros compare the median of the marketplace pose to the median of SSL three rates, world schoolhouse teachers together with nurses are paid much higher inwards regime than inwards the someone sector,” Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad said.

In the someone sector, the positions of Teacher I to III are paid P13,135. The regime pays P19,218 for Teacher I position, or 146 per centum of the market. For Teacher II positions, the regime pays P20,660 or 157 per centum of the market. For Teacher III positions, the regime pays P22,209 or 169 per centum of the market.

Abad said SSL 2015 volition increment Teacher I salary to P20,754; Teacher II to P22,938; together with Teacher III to P25,232. This volition brand their monthly pay twice to a greater extent than than their  someone sector counterparts.

“Under SSL 2015, the full annual guaranteed compensation of Teacher I volition live on P329,556, upwards from the electrical flow P280,137. Teacher II volition larn P360,132 from the electrical flow P298,220, piece Teacher III volition have P392,248 from the electrical flow P317,668. This annual guaranteed compensation does non include the PBB, which is contingent on functioning together with is equivalent to 1.25 month’s salary for SG 11-24. As Teacher I-III is ranked every bit SG 11-13, that is an additional 1.25 month’s pay for Teacher I to III positions” Abad said.

Meanwhile, the budget principal pointed out that someone sector nurses have pay ranging from P13,033 (Nurse I), P14,083 (Nurse II), to P22,125 (Nurse III). Their regime counterparts have higher salaries amongst P19,218, P25,878, together with P35,207 respectively. Under the SSL 2015, the full guaranteed compensation of Nurse I volition popular off upwards to P344,074, piece Nurse II volition have P485,670 together with Nurse III volition larn P710,804.

“The innovation is non to elevate the basic salaries alone. We desire regime compensation to popular off competitive amongst the someone sector, specifically to choose compensation to at to the lowest degree seventy per centum of marketplace pose rate. Our report establish that piece the pay of sub-professional workers inwards regime matches or fifty-fifty exceeds those of their someone sector counterparts, professional person workers larn every bit depression every bit 41 per centum of marketplace pose rates every bit they deed upwards the ladder. Middle managers, comprised of directors, only larn around a 3rd of what their counterparts inwards the someone sector get; piece executives are paid only most a quarter to a 3rd every bit much,” Abad said.

“Overall, regime pay is 45 per centum below market. SSL 2015 volition farther heighten the marketplace pose seat of SG 1-7 since they volition live on at iv per centum to 54 per centum higher upwards market. SG 8-17 volition live on competitive to the marketplace pose at 72 per centum to 98 per centum of the market. SG 18-24 volition live on at seventy per centum of the market. More than a proposal for a salary increase, SSL 2015 is an advocacy to farther ameliorate regime service. With competitive compensation, nosotros retrieve to bolster the recruitment of agencies that necessitate to fill upwards up vacancies inwards senior technical together with oculus management positions. There are agencies that choose been having difficulty inwards recruiting together with retaining senior technical staff/middle managers,” he pointed out.

The release of unfilled positions inwards regime is 191,988 or 12.53 per centum of full authorized positions. The proposed compensation innovation is composed of across the board salary increment plus a mid-year bonus equivalent to i calendar month basic salary together with the novel Performance-based Bonus (PBB) every bit an added bonus contingent on performance. The mid-year bonus, inwards add-on to the introduce year-end bonus or 13th calendar month pay, volition describe of piece of occupation organisation human relationship for an 8 per centum increment inwards annual salary. The PBB is equivalent to 1 to ii months basic salary or an 8 to sixteen per centum increment depending on the position.

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 @ DBM Website