Predicting boneheaded driving amongst technology. Source: CNN

This tech tin predict unsafe driver error
Let’s confront it, almost all automobile crashes are caused past times human error. But what if at that spot were a means to predict driving mistakes correct earlier they happen?
That’s the hope of novel applied scientific discipline nether evolution past times researchers at Cornell too Stanford universities. While many cars already own got sensors too cameras that lookout adult man work markings too surrounding vehicles, this novel organisation likewise uses cameras within the auto to monitor the driver.
Subtle movements of the caput too trunk tin dot that a driver is most to plough or modify lanes inwards the side past times side few seconds. With that information, combined alongside information from sensors exterior the car, computers tin predict that a driver is going to brand a unsafe move. Example: turning left inwards forepart of an oncoming car.
The driver could too thus move warned that he is most to crusade a crash.
The organisation could likewise role GPS information to warn a driver that, say, the plough he’s most to brand is illegal at that fourth dimension of day.