Senate panels OK increasing paid motherhood teach out to 100 days

Four Senate committees convey approved the neb increasing the paid motherhood larn out menstruum for authorities too individual sector workers from lx days to 100 days regardless if the delivery was normal or caesarian too an optional extension of thirty days larn out without pay.
The consolidated neb “Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2015” states that the “State shall institutionalize a machinery to expand the motherhood larn out menstruum of working women to furnish them amongst ample transition fourth dimension to find wellness too overall wellness every bit good every bit to assume maternal roles earlier resuming full-time work.”
It was prepared past times the Senate committees on women, children, household unit of measurement relations, too sex equality; finance; authorities corporations too populace enterprises; too civil service, authorities reorganization too professional person regulation.
The neb states that whatsoever meaning employee inwards authorities service, regardless of job status, shall endure granted a motherhood larn out of 100 days, amongst total pay based on her average weekly or regular wages, regardless if the delivery was normal or caesarian.
An additional motherhood larn out of thirty days, without pay, tin give the sack endure availed of at the choice of the employee provided that she gives the caput of the way due notice, inwards writing, at to the lowest degree 45 days earlier the terminate of her ordinary motherhood leave.
Meanwhile, for individual employees, the neb amends the Social Security Act of 1997 too thence that a woman mortal fellow member who has paid at to the lowest degree 3 monthly contributions inwards the 12-month menstruum instantly preceding the semester of his childbirth or miscarriage shall endure paid her daily motherhood create goodness which shall endure computed based inwards the average monthly salary credit for 100 days.
The 30-day motherhood leave, without pay provision, shall apply to individual employees, like to those inwards authorities service. 
“Employees availing of the motherhood larn out menstruum too benefits must have non less than two-thirds of their regular monthly wages. Employers from the individual sector shall endure responsible to pay the salary differential betwixt the actual cash benefits received from the SSS past times the covered employees too their average weekly or regular wages, for the entire duration of the ordinary motherhood leave,” the neb states.
The exceptions, however, are those operating distressed establishments; those retail/service establishments employing non to a greater extent than than 10 workers; those who pay their workers on a purely commission, boundary, or trouble basis, too those who are paid a fixed amount for performing a specific work; those considered every bit micro trouble concern enterprises too engaged inwards the production, processing, or manufacturing or products or commodities including agro-processing, trading, too services whose total assets are non to a greater extent than than P3 million; too those who are already providing like or to a greater extent than than the benefits herein provided.
The neb too states that the existing motherhood benefits currently granted past times employer amongst or without collective bargaining agreements (CSA), or nether acquaint laws, if to a greater extent than beneficial to the woman mortal employee, shall non endure diminished because of the Act.
“As such, the practice of this choice past times them shall non endure used every bit reason for demotion inwards job or termination. The transfer to a parallel seat or reassignment from 1 organizational unit of measurement to about other inwards the same way shall endure allowed provided that it shall non involve a reduction inwards rank, status or salary,” the neb states.
It too orders the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) too the Social Security System (SSS) to instantly comport a review of the motherhood larn out benefits of women employees inwards the authorities service too the individual sector, respectively.
“Thereafter, they shall include motherhood larn out benefits inwards their valuation written report conducted every 4 years for the SSS too every 3 years for the GSIS, or to a greater extent than oftentimes every bit may endure necessary, amongst the terminate inwards persuasion of coming together the needs of meaning women too improving their welfare past times increasing existing maternal benefits,” according to the bill.
The bill, submitted to the Senate plenary terminal month, volition endure deliberated past times the senators for blessing for mo too 3rd reading. Once it is approved past times the senators, the Senate too House of Representatives volition convene the bicameral conference commission to reconcile disagreeing provisions, if at that topographic point is any.
Several bills too seeking additional motherhood benefits both for authorities too individual sector employees are pending at the House of Representatives.
In her sponsorship speech, Senator Pia Cayetano said the acquaint lx days motherhood larn out for government  employees, too lx to 78 days for employees inwards the individual sector, depending on the manner of delivery is less than the minimum 98 days prescribed past times the International Labor Organization.
“In fact, inwards the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region, nosotros lag behind inwards damage of motherhood larn out duration. Vietnam provides 120 to 1 hundred 80 180 days of motherhood leave, depending on working weather condition too nature of the work. Singapore, on the other hand, provides 1 112 days of motherhood leave. Both countries give beyond what the ILO prescribes. Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, too Thailand all furnish a motherhood larn out menstruum 84 days,” she said.
She added that based on statistics provided past times the Institute for Labor Studies of the Department of Labor too Employment, Association of Southeast Asian Nations fellow member states amongst higher motherhood benefits demonstrate a higher life expectancy too lower maternal mortality ratio.
Once the neb has been reconciled too approved past times both chambers, it volition endure sent to the President for blessing or veto.  Amita Legaspi/RSJ/ALG, GMA News