Starmobile Now Has International Quality Control Certifications

Starmobile merely announced that their devices volition similar a shot undergo the guidelines of reputable lineament command certification bodies similar CE, FCC, and RoHS.
Starmobile merely announced that their devices volition similar a shot undergo Starmobile Now Has International Quality Control Certifications
Quality as well as durability first?
Starmobile merely reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to lineament as well as durability yesteryear adhering internationally accepted lineament command standards. The build similar a shot boasts amount compliance nether the guidelines of CE (European Conformity), FCC (Federal Communications Commission-USA) as well as alongside the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive of the European Union.

Creating a companionship is easy, but edifice a build is difficult, according to Starmobile COO Michael Chen.

Star Standards

Having passed those standards suggests that Starmobile devices similar a shot has improve lineament as well as durability that ever. 

It is the outcome of the company’s “Star Standards” initiative, where the companionship deliberately selected solely parts, partners, factories, as well as practices that induce got been certified to run into the almost stringent standards inwards the industry.

In particular, the Star Standards has a 35-point lineament command check that ensures that private parts such every bit the USB port, touchscreen, speakers, as well as batteries, amidst others, are functioning well. 

Having fully-certified as well as compliant parts build for a fully-certified as well as compliant phone,said Chen. Under Star Standards, the companionship has been able to run into its target of having the lowest production furnish as well as defect charge per unit of measurement amidst local smartphone brands today.

As a result, the companionship claims that nosotros tin survive guaranteed that Starmobile products are all rubber every bit well.

This assures Blue Planet that Starmobile devices are rubber to operate as well as tin stand upwardly toe-to-toe alongside products from international brands inwards price of performance as well as durability, added Chen.

The Star Standards every bit good ensures that the Android operating organisation they are using on their smartphones has been duly licensed yesteryear Google. Just Federal Reserve annotation that this certification is solely granted to manufacturers that are able to satisfy the steep requirements of the cyberspace giant.

Not all local brands are created equal. This is why our lineup of devices stay to survive a cutting higher upwardly the rest, said Chen. We volition tumble out to improve on this practise every bit nosotros regard it every bit cardinal to our long-term trouble concern strategy, he ended.

It way that their software is w/ Google’s requirements to ensure smoothen as well as seamless performance alongside its ecosystem of services.

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